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Natasha is a greatly-needed resource for arts workers in Canada. She not only has a wealth of financial knowledge but she has the communication skills to make complicated ideas very approachable and simple. I’ve never had such a clear view of my finances (for better or worse), which is an indescribably empowering thing for someone who’s never been that comfortable with them.”
— Client
Natasha is a talented communicator, educator and financial advisor. Her accessible teaching style has played a major part in transforming how we serve independent artists at Small Theatre Administrative Facility. By giving artists the tools they need to manage their own destiny in an entrepreneurial ecology, Natasha is uniquely qualified to provide options to achieve stability and success.”
— Michael Wheeler, Executive Director, STAF

Hi! I'm Natasha.

I know that working in the arts is stressful. We have busy jobs, work long hours, juggle competing priorities, and struggle to balance life and creative goals. Worrying about money seems to be part of the job. I get it.

I'm an artist and leader with over fifteen years of professional experience in the creative sector. I've dealt with many personal financial challenges along the way. Now, I want to share some hard-learned lessons and simple strategies for keeping income and expenses in line, and reducing the stress that comes with a life and career in the arts.

Whether you're worried about how you'll pay off debt, afford a home, take care of your family, save for emergencies, or fund your next creative project, I can help. 

Smart Money sessions give you the tools, techniques and confidence to cut through the overwhelming options out there.  We’ll set achievable goals and you’ll learn strategies to manage your income, expenses, and the unpredictability of your creative pursuits. I’ll help you create straightforward systems to gain control over your day-to-day finances and map out where you’re headed. You will learn methods that you can apply over and over again. As life will continue to bring surprises, you’ll have an approach to rely on.

I'm not an investment advisor, insurance broker or accountant – I teach you how you can best work with a wide range of financial professionals with confidence, based on a plan that you understand and that works for your goals. This also means that I won't tell you where to invest your money, sell you products, or manage your investments for you. You’ll learn approaches to weighing financial decisions and understanding information about products that might meet your needs. I’ll help you understand the range of options for making your money grow, figure out your comfort zone and capacity, and give you the confidence to find the right financial approach for your needs.

About Natasha

Like you, I wear many hats. I'm an arts leader, facility manager, arts curator and producer, and stage director. I love creating the simple and efficient systems so a creative project can thrive. I'm passionate about decoding the story in the numbers and the creative potential of balancing our dollars and cents. I've managed a wide range of indie arts projects, million dollar not-for-profit budgets, as well as my personal finances – and I've learned that I love grappling with the influential role that money plays in our many pursuits.

While running social enterprises, securing grants, selling tickets and fundraising, I've met revenue and strategic goals through cash flow challenges. I've also hired, programmed, and awarded grants to hundreds of artists and projects. I've learned a lot about what it takes to get a job and make a project succeed in a highly competitive industry.  I'm also a trained financial counsellor and get how overwhelming it can be to juggle professional dreams when you also have to meet your needs and handle life’s many surprises. 

If you'd like to know more about me, please ask! I'm looking forward to getting to know you too.



You're a dreamer and a do-er. Get customized help figuring out how to manage your financial challenges and seize opportunities so your dreams are within reach.

One-on-one sessions are booked at mutually convenient times and require just a bit of advance preparation. You'll leave feeling more in control and with a customized plan. 

Natasha was such a big help! She’s extremely knowledgeable and fired up about personal finance. She’s also been through some difficult financial moments, so she speaks from experience when she helps you to develop your financial plan. She completely understands what it’s like to be a self-employed artist and to be working with a constantly shifting income. When I was done my sessions I felt confident and had a very workable plan to move ahead and achieve some financial goals that I’d been thinking about for some time. She helped to put it all into action.”
— Gord Bolan, Actor

Smart Personal Finance 

If you feel stressed when rent is due, guilty when using your credit card, overwhelmed by TFSAs and RRSPs, or dread tax season, this session is for you. I can help you with financial decision making, weighing your options, getting out from under a pile of bills, and mapping out how to achieve your short and long-term goals. This session offers a simple, straightforward approach to creating a plan and unlocking possibilities to tackle your money stresses. 

In our work together, we'll look at your financial pressures and demystify what's happening in your bank account. I'll provide:

  • A simple, customized approach to assessing your current financial situation
  • Tips and tricks for tracking your earnings and spending to get (and stay!) in the black
  • Methods for analyzing your current options and setting achievable goals for the future
  • Simple strategies for saving and growing your hard-earned dollars
  • A tool you can use to quickly organize your income and expenses for tax preparation (including catching up on past years)


Smart Creative Project Strategies 

It can be extremely challenging to work on personal artistic projects while juggling other jobs to pay the bills – every minute counts. It's time to look at everything that's in your iCalendar and find efficiencies to create the space you need to be at your creative best. Trying to figure out how to budget and organize a specific creative project? Not sure if you (and others) are being paid appropriately for your time and efforts? Feeling pressure from balancing creative projects and jobs? Have an idea for a project or a business but are too overwhelmed to start? I can help.

In this session, I'll provide: 

  • A pragmatic and customized approach to project finance and efficient administration
  • Methods for analyzing how you are using your time and objectively deciding how to prioritize
  • Approaches to securing project revenues and finding alternative income to balance your artistic pursuits


Heads-up: both Individual Sessions use tools that require home access to Microsoft Excel 2010 or later.

Think your co-workers, students, or team would benefit from a Smart Money session? Book a Group Workshop!

These workshops offer insights into some of the most common financial challenges faced by people in creative industries. Workshops can be held at your location and customized to your team, policies, and unique opportunities. 

Natasha’s experience and expertise is uniquely helpful and relevant to artists and arts workers. She presents a wide array of financial information in a way that’s clear, engaging and useful. She is a creative and receptive teacher who listens to her students and cares deeply about the impact of solid financial planning on their lives and careers.”
— Cathy Nosaty, Musician

Smart Personal Finance Workshop 

Learn simple strategies for managing personal earning, spending and saving to achieve your goals. Specifically designed for artists and arts workers, this workshop offers techniques to feel more confident and knowledgeable about personal money management. This workshop can be customized for specific needs, priorities, and life stages.

We'll cover: 

  • Easy and adaptable methods for getting organized now and setting achievable goals for the future
  • Tips for tracking expenses, paying off debt, weighing financial decisions, and being prepared for tax time
  • How to use the Smart Money financial planning and tracking tool, which can be customized for the year ahead


Smart Project Financial Strategies Workshop

Artistic projects take a lot of work, love, and money management. I offer simple strategies for financial management of creative projects. In this workshop, I'll help build confidence in budgeting and cash flow management over the life of a project. The session can be customized for a range of experience levels and artistic disciplines.

We'll cover: 

  • A simple approach to creating a project budget and setting financial targets
  • Strategies for tracking revenues and expenses, monthly cash flows, and accounting integration 
  • Access to a budgeting and projection tool that can be easily customized and updated for various artistic projects

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Smart Work: Making the Most out of Every Day on the Job

Many arts professionals struggle with transitioning into a new work culture - especially if they are juggling multiple projects and contracts on the side - and no one actually tells you what to do with that paystub. Studies show that over 75% of employees are stressed about money, time and balancing all kinds of pressures. This workshop offers approaches for making the most of the opportunities at work and the money earned, and reducing the stress, confusion, and frustration that can plague any work environment.

We'll cover: 

  • Understanding income tax, payroll deductions, benefits, and tax planning
  • Simple strategies for managing earnings, spending, and saving, and juggling contract work, changing schedules and cash payments/tips
  • Approaches to earning your promotion and moving towards your next job